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Penalty Abatement

When the IRS assesses tax debt penalties, those penalties are added automatically to the taxpayer's account by the IRS. Because of this, penalties are added to a taxpayer's debt without taking his or her individual circumstances into account. Interest and penalties like an IRS lien alone can turn what would ordinarily be a moderate tax challenge into a
major ordeal.

However, if it can be proven that you had "reasonable cause" for not filing or paying your taxes on time, the IRS can be petitioned to waive some or all of your penalties. Below are some situations where penalties can be waived or eradicated:

Serious Illness, Death, or Unavoidable Absence.

Unable to Obtain Records.

Fire, Casualty, Natural Disaster, Other Disturbance.

With decades of collective experience in successful penalty abatements, there is no better team than the Attorneys and Tax Professionals at Simple Tax Care. If you have good reasons why you fell behind, let us help you stop the vicious cycle of IRS penalties.